Jewelry - is not a commodity, it's your life companions and friends who silently raises your spirits.

Jewel design is born from the heart and the needs of the heart cannot be faked. We always suggest only original classics, because the world valuable that withstands the test of time, not a fleeting materialism.

Jewelry chain "Monte Cristo", salons "Imperial" and «BRILLIANT for you» are located in six cities and Kaliningrad region. The first salon of jewelry chain "Monte - Cristo" opened in June 29, 2004.

And since then network is actively growing and became a recognized leader in jewelry market in the region.

Jewelry chain "Monte Cristo" offers all new items from international and regional exhibitions, large assortment of renewed classics, products with diamonds, emeralds and other precious stones of Russian cut, a wide choice of evening jewelry, including large topaz, rare inserts ametryn and alexandrite.

Those who are interested in trendy jewelry which just have to become a classic in a few years, can also be found in our stores expensive gifts for your heart.

Today jewelry chain includes two salons "Imperial" and 12 departments jewelery trade "Monte Cristo", store chain «BRILLIANT for you».

Customers in all divisions provided professional advice, free services from the master jeweler. Discount programs and months offers are available.

If you want to keep up with time and look really stylish and presentable, - come to our stores.

This place is for those who know the real price of expensive things.